Discover Southern Thailand 10013 (Amphawa – Full day)

We will start off our day with a short ride to Amphawa, where we will witness and experience the many special attractions the area provides: palm-sugar production and Thai house, Amphawa Train Market (“Folding Umbrella Market”) and the “Temple in the tree” (Wat Bang Kung). Next, a private boat will take us to see the unusual phenomenon of swimming monkeys, an experience which will be followed by a visit to a local Shell Farm. Then, we will enjoy our lunch at a unique setting –a picnic in the middle of the sea. After finishing Amphawa activities, we will comfortably settle in one of the best resorts for some relaxation and refreshment.

Around 6:30 PM, we will take a short ride to Amphawa Floating Market, and begin our visit by exploring this authentic site by foot. We will absorb the atmosphere, take in the scents and taste some of the delicious local foods, then go through the various stalls and shops, which make the market extremely popular among locals. Later this evening, once it gets dark, a private boat will take us for a lovely night cruise, to see a unique local phenomenon –  a vast number of fireflies filling the tree tops and gracing them with a Christmas-like look and feel. To conclude our nightly visit to Amphawa Floating Market, we have hand-picked for you an excellent Thai restaurant, where we will enjoy rich, delicious Thai cuisines.


**The tour price does not include dinner costs, but our lovely tour guide will be happy to help you pick just the right dishes, so you can fully enjoy the local culinary experience and get to know the authentic and delicious Thai kitchen.

**Lodging will take place in a high-quality resort in Amphawa, on the river bank.

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