Discover Southern Thailand 10014 (Animal Rescue Farm – Hua Hin)

A short drive from Amphawa will take us to a new, lovely setting of a local Animal Rescue Farm  dedicated to saving wild animals including bears, monkeys, elephants etc. For me, this farm Sanctuary is the absolute best in Thailand, since it literally saves lives every day, by rescuing abused and/or abandoned animals and nursing them back to health with dedication and care. After their rehabilitation, the animals are released back to nature. The experience is even more unique, since the Animal Rescue Farm contains an exceptional elephants’ hospital, the only one of its kind throughout Thailand. We will partake in the moving experience and help the local staff feed and bathe these wonderful creatures. Then, we will visit many other animals (bears, monkeys, deer and even iguanas) who were fortunate enough to arrive at this haven, and then finish our visit with a nice lunch on site. After saying goodbye to the lovely animals, you can pick one of two options: take a cable car up to Khao Wang (“the Palace on the Hill”), to explore the past lives of ancient Thai Kings and enjoy the beautiful scenery as seen from the hill, or enjoy a lovely walk along the shore of Cha Am beach resort town, and pedal comfortably in family bicycle (with 2, 3 and even 4 seats). Afterwards, we will invite you for coffee, ice cream and snacks, in one of the lovely coffee shops along the beach. At the end of our daily activity, we will settle in a 5-star hotel at Hua Hin. During the evening, we will visit the famous local night bazaar or the unique Cicada Market – a great little art fair available on weekends.

**Lodging will take place in a luxury hotel on Hua Hin beach.

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