While planning the tours, I’ve made sure to consider the following features
  • Choosing quality locations and interesting, exciting attractions
  • Providing various fun activities for the entire family – their cost is included in the tour price (ziplines, ATV tours, rafting etc.), while ensuring the quality and safety of these activities.
  • The luxury private tour includes lodging at 5 star hotels (where such exist) and the best resorts available in each area, delicious lunches with free choice from the menu in hand-picked restaurants and quality tour guides that were selected by me (Dr. David) and every other thing you may need to enjoy an unforgettable, impeccable experience – the tour of your dreams!
  • the tour plans do not include tourist traps as ‘the golden triangle’, cheap tourist shows of the ‘long neck’, animal shows and other redundant (though popular) ‘attractions’ that are common among the standard tourist trips.
  • The north covers a vast piece of land, and so I’ve given much thought into planning the right tour route – excluding long drives to make the most of the time, and enjoy fun activities and fascinating attractions without having to travel for long periods of time, in exhausting, time consuming rides.

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